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Maintenance Plans

What HVAC Maintenance Can Do for You

What does HVAC maintenance entail, and why exactly do you need it? As your heater and air conditioner work to keep you comfortable, they accumulate dirt, dust, wear-and-tear damages, and other kinds of microscopic flaws. On their own, these flaws don’t mean much, but when left unattended, they can lead to clogged filters, broken parts, and even full system breakdowns. These issues can, in turn, lead to expensive repairs, premature replacements, and even dangerous health hazards such as airborne mold spores and carbon monoxide. Additionally, HVAC equipment that is flawed or damaged by a lack of maintenance uses more energy to start up and continue operating, which means your energy bills will rise.

This is why maintenance is so important. And with all of these potential issues that need to be addressed, it can feel like maintaining your HVAC system properly will take up way more time and money than you’re prepared to spend. But when you let the professionals at Newair Heating & Cooling handle things, you’ll find that proper maintenance is easy. With membership in our Comfort Club, we stop by to take care of your air conditioner in the spring and your heater in the fall. We perform all the maintenance tasks necessary to keep your equipment working like new and protect you from future HVAC disasters.

Ready to see what a difference a well-maintained heater and air conditioner can make in your home or business? Call our Mentor office at (440) 942-5161 or send us a message online today to learn more and sign up for our Comfort Club Membership or Commercial Maintenance Program!

Our Comfort Club Membership
Program Provides Customers With:

Exclusive Discounts:
Comfort Club members receive exclusive discounts on both parts and labor whenever they need repairs.
Free Service Reminders:
There’s no need to call us to schedule your seasonal maintenance – we do it for you, taking all the stress of maintenance off of your hands.
Lower Operational Costs:
Well-maintained equipment uses less energy to run, lowering your bills while maintaining a high level of comfort.
Bonus Bucks:
Earn “bonus bucks” towards your next replacement with every visit from our technicians!
Seasonal Maintenance:
We stop by twice a year to make sure that your equipment is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.
Longer Equipment Lifespans:
Maintenance helps your heater and air conditioner last longer, so you don’t have to pay for replacements as frequently.
Priority Service:
We answer the calls of our Comfort Club members first, allowing you to skip the line and get the services you need right away.
Your Satisfaction and Peace of Mind Guaranteed:
We make sure that your system is safe, effective, and efficient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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