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It can seem overwhelming to find the right type and size ice machine for your business. Newair Heating & Cooling will help find the perfect fit for you and provide expert installation service. This will help ensure your machine works efficiently for a long time.

We understand the stress that results from a broken or faulty ice machine. That’s why our team is experienced and equipped to provide repair services for machines from the top industry manufacturers. Not only does a faulty ice machine cause issues for your employees, it can cost you more over time through higher energy costs.

If you’re in Mentor, Willoughby, or the surrounding Northeast Ohio area, contact us for help with your ice machine.

Get the Services You Need for This “Behind the Scenes” Piece of Equipment Industrial Chillers
in Mentor

As another convenient way to keep your food items cool, we also offer industrial chiller services. An industrial chiller is a refrigeration system that either cools down a fluid or dehumidifies air. Our community loves to use their chillers to cool their equipment quickly and effectively so that it can do its job well.

One common misunderstanding about industrial chillers is that they are actually responsible for “chilling” the items. Given the name, it is easy to see why one might think this. However, an industrial cooler does not actually make the object colder. Instead, it removes the heat and circulates it through a heat exchanger to the equipment that needs it. In other words, an industrial chiller will take away the heat. It is a piece of equipment that will help your other equipment function properly, why is why it is your “behind the scenes” sidekick in the world of chilling.

Because industrial chillers are prone to generating heat that can damage your equipment, it is essential that they are maintained properly. After all, the function of your chiller is to assist your equipment, not damage it. While your industrial chillers are busy assisting your equipment, we will be by your side assisting you. We know it can be a bit intimidating to handle this seemingly complex equipment, and if you are running a restaurant or another business, you literally have enough on your plate.

If you are not sure where these components are or what they mean for your machine, there is no need to worry. When it comes to industrial chillers, they are your equipment’s “behind the scenes” assistants, and we will make sure the assistant has what it needs to keep the show on the road.

To learn more about our industrial chiller services in Mentor, call Newair Technologies at (440) 942-5161 or contact us online

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Keep Your Chiller
Running Smoothly

Here are some of the steps we will take to care for your industrial chiller:
Inspecting of water inlets and outlets for leaks
Inspecting all components of the compressor for oil levels, leaks, vibrations, and operating temperature variations
Inspecting and cleaning electrical contacts
Checking filter dryers and replacing dirty, old, or faulty filters